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How to Start a Fitness Routine

27 Oct

by Jill Provost

Published on iVillage.com, 3/2/10:

Maybe it’s because your stationary bike has morphed into a clothesline or because the only time you break a sweat is while eating jalapeno poppers, but you’ve decided it’s time to get off your butt — pronto. “Getting yourself in motion is the hardest part,” says Jessica Smith, certified wellness coach, personal trainer and creator of Livinginthin.com, a Web site about nutrition and fitness. But don’t let that deter you. Once you get moving, you‘ll experience just how good it feels to exercise, and the momentum will keep you going. Here’s how to ease into an exercise program that you can stick to—and enjoy—for life.

Step One: Pencil It In

Showing up is the most important part of starting a new routine. You’ll always have an excuse to skip a workout. Make it non-negotiable by putting it in your calendar, like you would an important meeting, says Clavel Lazarre, certified personal trainer and owner of the Cobble Hill Fitness Collective in New York City.

Even if you’re really dreading it, go anyway. Tell yourself that you only have to exercise for 15 minutes, says Smith. “Once I get going, I usually don’t even notice the clock. But some days, 15 minutes is just enough, and that’s okay, too.”

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